Testimonial 3

9th Count Dance Academy is great place to learn dance. It’s a place for all kids to explore the possibilities that exists in them.

Mrs. Nandini Vishnu is my daughter’s role model, mentor, loving aunty and what not. She is a pleasant, kind hearted, inspirational, enthusiastic professional dancer. She teaches dance only for the sake of dance, a pure art form. She encourages the students to choreograph themselves, which makes kids to think more about dance, be more creative and confident. She appreciates even small things which make the kids proud of the dance.

Till I met Nandini, I used to think dancing is a hobby. She made me rethink why can’t my daughter, a passionate dancer follow her passion.

Thank you Nandini for a truly positive experience and we look forward for many more. Your hard work, ambition and struggle will take you heights.

Wish you all the best.