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The text goes like this…. My daughter Shrijani is learning dance from Nandini from the age of 4… Nandini has the very special style and attitude which is going as per the child’s mood and teaching them…Shrijani loves dancing all the time and she wasn’t to become a dancer…. Last […]

I came to know about “The 9th Count Dance Academy” and Mrs.Nandini through my friend about four years back. I was just recovering from a bad slipped disc at my backbone then. My passion for Bharathanatyam made me approach Mrs.Nandini though I could barely walk at that time. Unlike other […]

It’s been almost three years now, that my daughter Advika started learning Bharatanatyam under Nandini. Advika has always been fond of dance but in the last three years this has turned into a passion for her. So I can only thank Nandini for bringing out this passion and keep it […]

Nandini’s The 9th count dance academy is a name which gives us immense pleasure and satisfaction to be a part of since April 2013. Aparupa had always liked the art, but Nandini has imbibed ample interest and discipline in her. She is thoroughly inspired by her and look upto her […]

There are very few academies that are willing to let 4 yr olds learn and experience dance. I knew my daughter had rhythm and wanted to nurture that. When I met Nandini she was very open to teaching my little girl and not being too worried about her age. It’s […]

9th Count Dance Academy is great place to learn dance. It’s a place for all kids to explore the possibilities that exists in them. Mrs. Nandini Vishnu is my daughter’s role model, mentor, loving aunty and what not. She is a pleasant, kind hearted, inspirational, enthusiastic professional dancer. She teaches […]

I am a person with two left feet. I did’nt have a clue what coordinated movements were. Thanks to Nandini, I have discovered some hitherto unexplored facets of myself. The fact that Nandini was open to teaching traditonal dance to adults with no prior training, was something uncommon. That gave […]

Lost in the midst of bengaluru city and my studies , I was hunting for a dance class for the last 4 years…. by god’s will through one of my proffesors I got to know Nandini’s THE 9TH COUNT DANCE ACADEMY!!!! WOW!!! Was my first impression on the academy . The […]